Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Micah has been developing tremendously over the last couple of months. I didn't think at 3 years of age you could develop at such a rapid rate, but being a mother still truly amazes me.

He now can go "potty" all by himself. Even empties out his little potty when he is finished. Still asks for an M&M when he goes and still tells us when he has to, but does not need me or TJ to sit with him while he goes.

He also can pretty much get dressed by himself. Still needs a little help with getting shirts back on, but still a great help when getting ready to go places in the morning.

He also learned how to count in Spanish (up to 10) within 2 days of watching Diego. This kid is a sponge because He only watches TV for about 1 hour in the morning (while I'm making breakfast) and for 1 to 2 hours in the afternoon during quiet time. So it isn't like he is sitting and watching TV all day long.

My favorite thing is that he can hold conversations now. Speaks in sentences, understands what we are saying and responds appropriately. Its great.

On a fun note, Micah and I had our first Mommy and Me day. In the beginning of June, I decided that I'm going to have a Mommy and Me day with each of our kids every 4 to 6 weeks. I find a babysitter for the other kid and then we go out and enjoy our day together. (Its actually only a few hours, but it is one on one with them). I took Micah to see Dora Live since he loved to watch Dora and Diego. Well, that did not go over too well. He wouldn't watch Dora again after that until just recently he watched Dora again for the first time (about 3 weeks later).