Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The little things...

Most mornings I get woken up by Micah climbing into my bed or Ephraim practicing his animal sounds in his bed. However, my favorite mornings goes like this...

The door to the boys room closes and the light switch goes on. Then I hear Micah take a bucket of toys and pour them into Ephraim's bed. Ephraim giggles. Micah climbs into Ephraim's bed and they play. I get to listen to them laugh and squeal for about 20 minutes before they start calling my name because they want to eat.

So not only do I get to stay in my nice cozy bed for 20 mins longer... I get to hear the little laughs, giggles and squeals of my little boys having the time of their life.

Monday, November 23, 2009

So they told me...

Here how my typical week goes

Monday: Clean the house. TJ always has his guy friends come Monday nights, so need to make sure the house is clean for them and enough snacks and pop in the house to satisfy their needs.

Tuesday: Bring Micah to speech school and Ephraim normally has either OT, PT or a doctors appointment on this day as well. Tuesday night is my one day a week that I get out of the house and do an out of the house job.

Wednesdays: Work at church in the morning and teach piano lessons at night. I normally go grocery shopping this night as well

Thursday: Pick up TRIP order and Micah has speech school. Sometimes Ephraim has OT or PT.

Fridays: Our day to have fun... we either stay home, go on a play date or go to the play group our county put on.

Saturday: I typically have a craft show (now that Christmas is almost here, won't have one every week, so that should slow things down)

Sunday: We go to church and have a family day. Go to TJ's grandma after church, my parents for lunch and TJ's parents for dinner.

And I was told that since I quit my full time job I would have more free time, but you want to know what... wouldn't trade it for the world. I absolutely love my time with my boys.

Yes, they annoy me just about every day with their hitting, crying, screaming, jumping, running and drawing on my walls.


I get my daily hugs, kisses, drawings (even if they are on my walls), and lego airplanes.

Yes, I don't get as many books read anymore now that Micah doesn't take a nap.


I still get 20 mins of quite time where I start a movie for Micah and sit on my bed and read.

So even though they told me that I would have so much more free time and I don't... I get so much more time with my boys.