Thursday, October 29, 2009

Out of the mouth of..... MICAH!!!

While getting in the car today to get this weeks TRIP order, Micah had one of his conversations that he has a couple times a day.

Micah: Mommy... Baby (Ephraim) is 1, Me is 2.
Me: Yup... very good Micah.

However today he didn't stop there like he normally does.

Micah: Daddy is 3
Me: Really... how old is Mommy?
Micah: Mommy is 5

I should have stopped while I was ahead.

Me: Oh, and how old is Nama (Grandma)
Micah: Nama is 5
Me: Oh really and how about Papa (Grandpa). How old is he?
Micah: Papa is 5.

So not only do I feel the same age as Grandma and Grandpa... I must look the same age as well.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Update on Bone Marrow

A while back I posted a post about how I was a possible bone marrow donor for a person who had cancer. Well, I received a letter a few weeks ago that I am still a potential match!!! That's the good news.

Now the good or bad news

In that letter it mentioned that at this time, this person is unable to receive a transplant. Because of this, further testing is on hold. They mention that there could be 3 reasons why this person is unable to receive the transplant.

1. He/She could have gotten better with other treatment(s)
2. He/She could be have chosen to try another form of treatment(s)
3. He/She could have gotten worse and therefore is unable to receive a transplant

So if you could continue keeping this person in your prayers, I would appreciate it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Whats going on

I'm sorry that I have not posted anything for a long time. I have been very busy these last few weeks.

Ephraim has had many doctor appointments. We had one yesterday to follow up on a procedure that he had done a few weeks ago. We have some complications from that... so now we have to go back next week to see if they are clearing up. Tomorrow we have an appointment with a developmental doctor to see how far he has come since coming home and to see where we have yet to go. Next week Tuesday he has physical therapy. His therapist is going to be so happy because he started walking last week!!!

Micah has been growing leaps and bounds. In mid August Micah got a parasite (still have no idea how or where he got it from) and lost weight from it. Since he is already small for his age, the doctor wanted to make sure it was related to that and not something else. So in mid September he asked that we come back to get a checkup. Thank-fully he gained all the weight back that he has lost, so the doctor was very happy about that. They also decided to check how tall he is getting since we are at a new doctor. I did send them all of Micah's information from his previous doctor, but they wanted to check for themselves. He was 3 inches taller from his 2 year appointment in May!!! There is just one concern that we have for Micah. He talks up a storm, but most people do not understand what he is saying. A lot of the time, TJ and I cannot even figure it out... so one day at Ephraim's occupational therapy, his therapist mentioned to get Micah assessed for speech. So now we have his assessment on Monday.

Lastly, in all of this busyness of doctor appointment, play dates and just having fun with my boys, I have been busy testing soap and candles to sell. My candles are not ready yet, but my first batch of soap is. I started an Etsy website... so if you are interested, check it out at