Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What a day!!!

Last night I was not able to sleep at all. Don't know why that is, but it seems like the nights the kids both sleep through the night, I am awake for hours just laying there. Last night I actually got out of bed and was productive and sent out some e-mails (surprised I have not received comments on what time I was sending e-mails)

This morning I dropped Micah off at a good friend of mine and she too him and her boys to Playworld. Sounds like they had a great time.

While the Micah was at Playworld, Ephraim had another doctors appointment. This is to see how he is growing and to figure out what to do about his nasty diapers. Last week Friday the doctor called to see how the new diet was going (he put him on that around time of my last post). I told him that the nasty diaper frequency was down, but not much else has changed. He thought that was really good and said to slowly start introducing soy milk back. That was a disaster in itself as the frequency started to go back up and he started to spit up a lot. (this was after his first glass of soy milk). Today, I asked the doctor if there was any way possible if we could get a allergy and/or an intolerance test. He agreed to the test, but says to get the most accurate results his immune system needs to be better. So we are holding off on the test until September so we can get more vaccinations in him and get healthier since he was just getting over a sinus and an ear infection that he had last month. He mentioned at the appointment about putting him back on formula, but this time on a special formula that is really high in nutrients to help him grow. He was going to talk to his partner and give me a call back.

He then checked out his head. The nurse noted that his head circumference was off the charts. The doctor also noticed that his soft spot was still open. With the nurses notes and the soft spot being open he is concerned about whats going on "in his head." He took some more measurements just to be sure that the nurses notes were accurate because he says kids his age can move around not creating the best measurements. 5 measurements later and still getting the same thing, felt sure that his head was actually that big. Now, TJ and I have not noticed his had getting big, shirts go over his head the same as they did when he got home, so this was news to me. The doctor is going to check with a neurologist and see what he thinks, but we may need to get a CT.

Since we do not have Ephraim on dairy, he cannot have yogurt to help with the bloating of all the pasta that he is supposed to be having. We also have to start him on probiotics. That stuff is cool... just pour a packet in his rice milk or water and he is good to go. It is on the expensive side, so I will be checking out to see if I can find some coupons for it.

While at Walgreen's to pick up the probiotics, the doctor office called to let us know to put him on the rice milk for sure and to give us the appointment time for the nutritionist. He/She will be working with us to make sure Ephraim has a well balanced diet since his diet is so limited.

A little while later, he called back again and said that he was able to sit down with his partner and does want us to put Ephraim onto this expensive high nutrient formula 3 times a day. He said this stuff is about $30 to $40 a can and he has some samples at the office for us to help us out. (what a great guy) He also had some more questions for me. He was asking about Ephraim's legs. After we left it was bugging him that Ephraim could only army crawl and not really use his legs. He asked about his legs and I told him that he LOVES to stand and puts a lot of weight on them. This made the doctor very happy and said he was ripping up the order for some x-rays of his legs.

Keep us in your prayers during this time. I am so glad to know that Christ does not give anything that we cannot handle because I sure couldn't handle this without Him.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Another New Diet

Last week Thursday after Ephraims tests came back clear again, the doctor put him on "No Milk" diet, thinking he was lactose intolerant. I went to Costco with my cousin and picked up a case of soy milk and diligently read every label of the foods that we were making. The afternoon after changing the umpteenth dirty diaper, I decided to call the nurse back and find out when I should start seeing results from this diet. She said that I should have started seeing results by now and said she will talk to the doctor and call me back. Within 10 minutes she called me back (did I ever say I like the speediness and caring doctor office this is. LOVE IT) and we have changed his diet again. This time we have to have him on no milk, soy, and juice diet. We have to load him up on fat- so the good stuff Cheddar cheese (said that is fine since it is very little milk), potatoes and white flour. Basically anything starchy. I am to call them back on Thursday. If this diet works, we will slowly introduce him to foods again. Please pray that this one works!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A little setback

I received a phone call from the doctors office Monday night, but I missed the call and by the time I got around to it, it was after 5 (they called at 4:50, so it isn't like I waited all day) This morning, I called right after the doctors office opened and found out that the doctor wants Micah to get a x-ray and come in and see him again in July to be sure the pneumonia cleared up. I don't know what changed the doctors mind about this appointment since Friday he said everything is all good and I don't need to bring him back until his 3 year check-up, but I am happy that the doctor is being so thorough with my children. Now we just wait for the paperwork to come in the mail so we can go down to the x-ray. I just have to remember to put it in a spot where the boys won't find it and loose it before July comes around.

Friday, June 12, 2009


We had Micah's follow-up appointment today for his pneumonia. Doctor said everything looked and sounded really well, so we are done with medications and now we just pray it does not come back. Doctor gave him the clear to not be seen again until he is 3 (except for a quick brief moment for is final Heb B shot in 5 to 6 months).

Ephraim needs more lab work done. We have been dealing with nasty diapers now since getting him from Ethiopia on April 22. I will spare you the details, but the doctor is not liking what he is seeing but nothing is showing up in his lab work. More tests were ordered and I am now to the point that I want something to show up so we can start treating.

Sunday we took Micah and Ephraim to Grand Haven to visit my grandparent and another couple that we traveled to Ethiopia with. We surprised them with this visit, however, we never saw the couple we traveled with. It was raining most of the morning on Sunday, so we were wondering if they just went home for the day. While at Grand Haven, we took Micah and Ephraim's 1 and 2 year pictures. We had a great time with our grandparents and it looked like Micah and Ephraim enjoyed themselves too.