Sunday, April 26, 2009

We are finally home!!!

After our flight being cancelled in Chicago we are finally home. We rented a car to get home since the earliest flight they could get us on was at 10 am the next morning and that was stand-by only. Thank-you for everybody who was praying for us and to those who wanted to welcome us home.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flight to Grand Rapids has been cancelled.

We are in DC

We made it safely to DC. Ephraim went through 7 outfits in the 15 hour plane ride, so we had to repack the diaper bag once we got to customs before checking our bags again. Hopefully we have enough to get us home otherwise we will have either a stinky baby or one in just a diaper.

I called home and talked to my mom, sounds like there could be some severe storms in Michigan and we are praying that our flight is not cancelled or delayed. We just want to get home.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the airport if you decide to come.

Ephraim is sick

Today was a long day.  Ephraim is sick.  He has a stomach bug of some sorts where he was getting very bad diarrhea and going through 2 diapers and his clothes each time.  TJ and I had to send some clothes to get clean so we had something to wear home tomorrow.  We talked to our contact and he told us were the pharmacy is to get some Ethiopian style of pedialight.  It smells just like lemonade and he loves the taste.  He took 4 small bottles of it so far today and he looks a lot better and the color is coming back to his face. 


Now you are probably wondering why he has to wear 2 diapers at a time.  His legs are too small for size 3 diapers, so we need to wear size 2 diapers, but he is too long for the length of size 2, so needing size 3.  It looks rather funny, but it works better than just 1.


We also had our embassy appointment today and got our final approval.   We can take Ephraim out of Ethiopia and into the United States after tomorrow.  Our flight leaves tomorrow at 10:15 pm and we start the long journey home.   We miss Micah a lot and can’t wait to see him on Saturday.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gotcha Day

Babies 00039.JPGEthiopia 4 09 251.jpg


We got to bring home Ephraim today.  He is such a content little boy.  I picked him out right away from all the children playing in the common room today.  He was laying on a mattress, drinking a bottle wearing cute giraffe pajamas.  The nanny picked him up and I got so excited that I just ran over and grabbed him from her.  TJ was preoccupied by a little girl that just crawled up to him and wanted him to pick her up.  It was really cute because she did not want to be put down and always came back to him when somebody else took her from him. 


The previous days we were up north.  We have been without internet or electricity since Sunday. The north was very nice and was a nice break from the beggars on the streets in the city.   Even though the country folk were poorer than those living in the city, they were so content with their life style that they did not beg for food or money.  They loved getting their picture taken and viewing themselves on the video camera.  The sightseeing in the north is amazing.  When we get home, we will post pictures, but the internet is still sketchy today that I don’t know how many I will be able to post.


Well, it is bed time over here, so I will hopefully be able to talk to everybody later.  Micah, we miss you very much and can’t wait to be home with you again.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wake up calls and dancing

Sadula Lodge 00018 copy.jpgThis morning’s wakeup call was  a goat.  It took me a while to realize what was making that weird sound.  At breakfast the neighbor had a goat tied around a tree.  Later today, I found out that it is a tradition to slaughter your own goat and cook it up on Easter.  So, I will most likely lose my wakeup call after Sunday. 


This morning, we just lounged around to try and combat the jet leg.  In the afternoon, we confirmed our flight home, exchanged some money into Birr and went shopping.  I found new outfits for everybody for Ephraim’s baptism.  It was fun to barter with the vendors. 


That evening we went to a traditional Ethiopia restaurant for dinner.  It started out with a hand washing.  Then our food came and we ate.  This “plate” was for 5 people.   Sadula Lodge 00054 copy.jpg You rip off a piece of the injara and use that to scoop up whatever portion you wanted to try.  Everybody ate off the same plate.  This plate was all meats, but I shared a plate with our contact since he cannot eat food made from animal products until Sunday because of Easter.  Our dish was very spicy bean.  It reminded me of a bean dip you would have at a party, it was really good.  I really enjoy the Ethiopian cuisine, but TJ still begs to differ on the injara.  After dinner they played music and had dancing.  The show was amazing.  Part way through the show, there was a coffee ceremony.  I could do without that as the incense gave me a small headache and TJ got a migraine.  After the coffee ceremony, our contact ordered us a drink that was made from honey.  It was very potent stuff as I only drank 2 small sips and had to stop. 


Today was fun and I learned a lot about Ethiopian culture.  I hope that I will be able to continue some of the traditions that I learned today.

We are here

We started Micah's birthday by going to the airport. TJ and I left Wednesday for Ethiopia. We met another family from the Grand Rapids area who are adopting a little girl. We flew to Chicago and then to Washington DC. At Washington DC we met another family how is adopting a little boy. We started boarding our plane in Washington DC a little after 8:00 pm. Our flight was scheduled to take off at 8:30. At 10:30 we were finally leaving the gate, which did not put us into Ethiopia until 9 pm (which is 2 pm at home). It was a long flight, but it went very smoothly.

Customs and immigration went smoothly as well, just a very long line. Finding our luggage was a trick. They did not post what carrousel our baggage was on, so we had to wander around until we found one of ours. Eventually we found all 8 bags. We took all 8 bags and had them verified with security to make sure we had our own and started the journey to find our contact. We rounded the corner to the airport lobby and there were hundreds of people in the lobby. This weekend is Easter in Ethiopia, so a lot of people are coming home to visit family. We finally got everybody to the hotel around midnight.

Since midnight is around dinner time, our contact took us out for pizza. It was fun ordering the pizza because we thought we were ordering pepperoni, cheese and onion but came out with green peppers, cheese and black olives. The flavor was amazing. I absolutely loved it.

We are now in our hotel and about ready to go down for the night. Sounds like we are going shopping tomorrow. Since it is Good Friday (or Holy Friday as they call it) not much is open and it is more of a day to relax, so our contact is picking us up at 2 to bring us to the market.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Just testing how to e-mail posts to our blog.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Bags are Packed...

Our bags are packed and we are ready to go. They are all weighed and measured and fall below our required size and weight limits. We have cans of formula, baby blankets, baby clothes, and medicine all for the orphanages in the country, in addition to all of our clothes and thank-you gifts for all those who have helped care for Ephraim. The hardest person to pack for was Ephraim. We have not received an update on how big he is since the beginning of March, which at that time, he was put on a special diet because his weight was low. I probably took way to much for him, but we should have at least something that fits.
Now, it is just getting the last final touches at home done before we leave. We need to finish putting Micah's bed back into a crib. We transitioned Micah into a big boy bed back in January and keep telling him that his old bed is Ephraim's. He is doing really well of putting things onto Ephraim's bed when we ask. I think he understands that the crib is no longer his bed.

We leave on Wednesday for our long flight over to Ethiopia. We are both nervous and excited to see our son. On top of it, I am feeling a some anxiety of leaving Micah for 10 days. I know Micah will be in good hands with my parents while we are gone, but it is still very hard to leave him behind.
For those who are interested in welcoming us home we arrive into Grand Rapids on April 25 @ 6:24 PM. (United flight 7691). I don't know if our blog will be updated while we are gone, so I wanted to give you that information now. Thank-you for your continued prayers and support during our adoption journey.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Micah's birthday (observed)

Micah turns 2 on the day we leave to bring home Ephraim. We decided to hold his party last night instead of waiting until we got home. Micah wanted Elmo at his party, so my dad made an Elmo cake and some cupcakes. He did a great job.

Micah was also a lot better this year. Last year, he got the flu shortly after everybody got to our house. Everybody except my grandma got sick. This year... healthy. YEAH!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Welcome Home Daniel!!!

On Saturday afternoon, I was able to go to the airport to welcome home Justin and Mari from Ethiopia. They go to my church, so I have gotten to know them over the last few months.

It was so exciting to sit at the airport and wait for their plane to come in. Even though it was a little delayed, my excitement for them made the extra time just fly by.

My plan was to just be a "fly on the wall" and take pictures of the wonderful homecoming, but their friends and family really did not allow that to happen. They asked me to join in the celebration. It was a great time.

Daniel is so adorable. He just sat there and stared at everybody and everything. I even got to hold him for a little while. One of the friends or family members took a picture of me holding Daniel. I hope that I can get a copy of it someday. He is such a peanut.

Welcome home Justin, Mari and Daniel.
Here is Justin and Mari as they came out of the terminal. They are welcoming home the family they traveled with (they also adopted a little one from Ethiopia)
A family photo

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Out of the mouth of Micah

This morning Micah was up at 8 am (surprisingly after not getting to bed until after 11 last night). He came running into our bedroom and then all of a sudden stopped and said "I'm stuck"

Now this baffled my husband and I because we were thinking, what could he get stuck on between our bed and his bedroom. My husband sat up and looked at him saying: "well if you let go of the door jam, you won't be stuck anymore"

Micah said "oh" Let go and ran to our bed to give us our morning hugs and kisses.

He definitely gives us our laughs

Friday, April 3, 2009

Some new pics of Ephraim

A family just returned from Ethiopia with their child. Their child was in the same orphanage as Ephraim and she took some pictures for me. Some of the pictures are cropped to cut out other people's faces since I don't have permission to post them on my blog. Enjoy.