Friday, December 19, 2008

What's a name

Since we have announced what the name is going to be for our adopted son, some people are asking why we chose the name as it is unusual. TJ and I go into great thought when we think about our kids names. One requirement that we have is that the name needs to be from the Bible. The most important thing we look at is the meanings.

With those two things in mind we start looking in the Bible for some guidance. No, we do not just open it up to the genealogies and start looking for a cool name with a cool meaning. We look to see what Jesus is telling us. Names are something that you have for the rest of your life. What a perfect opportunity to use a name to remind a child or adult what a purpose of their life is. With that being said, let me introduce you to our kids’ names and why we chose them.

First let’s start with Micah, our oldest son. Micah means “Who is like God.” We are supposed to be going through our actions thinking about what Jesus would do in the situations we are in. You all remember the W.W.J.D. bracelets; Micah’s name is like a permanent bracelet. When he hears his name, he will be reminded to think about what Jesus would do.

Ephraim, our second son, means “fruitful”. Jesus tells us that we need to portray the fruit of the spirit. Those fruit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness and self-control, are 9 attributes that we need to portray in every aspect of our lives. Secondly, Jesus tells us that we need to be fruitful and multiply in numbers. His name is a reminder to go out and make disciples and followers of Jesus.

So, giving a child a name is something that we see as a “teaching moment” in their walk with Jesus.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"The Call"

Today started out as a normal Tuesday morning. Micah woke up and ran into our room at 6:30 am, waking us up. TJ left for work and I start my normal morning routine. Micah and I left at 11 to let my in-laws new puppy out, drop of some rented movies, to our adoption agency to drop off some stuff and to say hi to our caseworker, and drop off some candles that a customer bought before we went to lunch with a good friend and her daughter.

We arrived home and Micah went down for his nap (for some reason, in my bed). At 4:13 I received a phone call.

R: Hello
K: Hi, this is K...
R: Hi, how are you doing
K: I'm doing well. This is "the call"
R: Are you serious!!! I was just there earlier today
K: I know, I didn't have all the information yet, so I couldn't say anything. Do you want to hear about him?

She proceeded to tell me his name and how old he was, where he is staying and any other information she had about him. I was frantically writing it all down, while thinking in my mind... can this really be happening. We have been waiting only 2 months!!!

She e-mailed me his picture and the information that she had. I called TJ right away and forwarded him the information. TJ looked at his picture, read the information and I asked him... What do you think? Do you want him to be your son? TJ said Yes, of course. I let our agency know that we are accepting the referral and ran to Walgreen to print off a picture. (In the meantime, Micah did wake up from his nap and was wondering why I was running around the house frantically)

We went to TJ's parents house for haircuts tonight and I brought the picture. TJ carpooled with his sister today, so he made up a story to get her to come with him to his parents house. When she got there, I told her that there was a gift for her under Micah's diaper bag. She opened the envelope and was really excited and showed TJ's mom. His dad arrived home later and we had Micah give him the picture.

After haircuts we had to tell my parents too. I called my mom and made up a story about why I was calling to see if they were home. We drove to their house and as we were sitting in the driveway getting everything ready, the garage door started to open. My mom screamed because we startled her sitting in the driveway when she wasn't expecting anybody. We gave Micah the picture and he gave it to her. She ran into the house to show my dad.

Our Little E now has a face (we had the name picked out already). His name is going to be Ephraim A. We are keeping his given name as a middle name, but due to Ethiopian rules, we cannot tell you what that is until after we pass court.

Welcome to the family Ephraim!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

All I want for Christmas...

On Friday, Micah and I went shopping with my Grandma. We picked my Grandma up and off to the mall we went. We decided to stop by Santa to see how he did. Needless to say, he did not like it. He liked him from the distance, but the minute he was on his lap it was downhill from there. He still does not like Santa. We went to TJ's Grandparents house today to start getting him and his cousin Bryton used to the Santa suit and that did not go over well either.

After shopping on Friday, we went back to my Grandparents house. Micah played the piano for us. He even told my Grandpa that he did not like Santa.

I felt sorry for the Santa in the mall, but he has to be used to it right?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Number 4

What does the number 4 mean. Both Micah and TJ was born in the 4th month. We have been in our house for 4 years. Its how many legs our kitty Sazja has. Its how many people we are going to have in our family sometime in 2009. Its how many months a couple that we met on our adoption journey is ahead of us... and they just received a referral. It is also where we are on the most complicated list in the world!!!

Yes... we found out today that we are number 4 waiting for a child in our age range and since the people receiving referrals are 4 months ahead of us... we predict another 4 months.

Thanks for all of your prayers during this time and continue to pray for our patience as we slowly move up this complicated list.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The fear of dreams

Having a bad dream is not an enjoyable experience and you normally cannot get back to sleep afterwards. Micah had a bad dream last night. It is always sad when your little one has a bad dream because it takes a while to calm them down. Well, by the time my sleepy brain realized that he was crying (and it was the bad dream cry) He already had the bedroom door open and was climbing into our bed.

So, you would think that having your kids in bed with you would be a fun "campout" experience. That is the total opposite. I was kicked in the face, head butted and about pushed out of bed. Needless to say, that once he was calmed down from his dream and sleeping again, he was put back in his own bed.

The joys of having children. :-)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

5 years and counting...

This weekend marked TJ and my 5th year wedding anniversary. I cannot believe that it has been 5 years already. We continued our yearly tradition of going to Shanty Creek. We dropped Micah off at my parents and made the journey on a blustery, snowy Friday night. We arrived a little after 11, so we just unpacked the groceries and climbed into bed.

Saturday morning we bundled up and hit the slopes. It was great boarding. The condo we stay at is ski in/ski out (or board in/board out in our case), however the pro shop was closed by our area. The lift attendant was very nice and let us ride up the hill and board down to the other side without lift tickets. (maybe it helped that we had are paid discount passes that we get at a local store). The boarding day got cut a little short due to some broken bindings, but at least it was only $5 to fix them.

They have a lot of snow already. It looks like it should be the end of January. Hopefully that all sticks around so we will have great boarding all season long. When you walked in the powder you sunk past your knees. (The picture does not do it justice, one of us should have been standing by the snow bank)

When we got back to my parents house on Sunday, Micah had a wonderful new shirt on. He obviously did not appreciate us dropping him off at Grandpa and Grandma's house to go boarding without him. :-)

It has been a great 5 years and anticipate many more great years!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

oh... oh... doornobs

This week Micah learned how to open doors. It was not to bad at first because for some reason he thought that he could only open the doors to the outside. That was easy to solve by keeping them dead bolted. However, today at my aunts house, he was opening all kinds of doors. He was supposed to be down for a nap and then all of a sudden he was standing right behind you. I think I may get woken up early in the morning to a kid climbing into my bed instead of knocking on his door to come out. :-) Oh well... at least I will be able to cuddle with him in bed for a little while (he would much rather play with the frog stuffed animals that I have on top of my bed instead of cuddling with mommy.) I guess that is a boy for you.

It is also snowing quite a bit around here. Micah has been enjoying running around in the snow. He thinks it is the coolest thing that footprints are left behind when he walks. I really need to get some pictures of that because it is just plain adorable. (I'm normally the party pooper and make him come inside)

Nothing new on the adoption front. Still waiting for that phone call with a referral. Someday I will be able to write all about it. Just today is not one of those days.