Wednesday, October 29, 2008

crabs, crabs and more crabs

I have not posted for the last couple of days, so I thought I would fill you in on what we have been doing in this sunny state of Florida. Monday we decided to head up near Tampa to see if we could find some manatees. We wandered around the beach for a while looking. We saw a dolphin swimming around in the bay and a bunch of crabs on the beach, but no manatees. We asked some near by fishermen where we could see the manatees and they told us about the observation deck. So we piled back in the van to go there, just to find out that it was closed for the season. It opens on November 1, so maybe we will be able to quickly stop by before we leave.

After Micah's nap, we took a bike ride to the little park. Micah loved going down the slide and he is getting so big. He can now climb the latter by himself.
Tuesday we went to Mayakka State Park. We went on a river boat ride to look for some alligators. It was freezing. The temperature was not too bad at around 70, but the wind was bitter. Our tour guide said that the gators were most likely swimming in the water to keep warm. We did see a few of them, but not as many as I was hoping. We did see some cool birds.

On our way out of the park we stopped to take a nature hike. We hiked to this "canopy walk" and it took us to well above the tree tops. It was cool to be up there as you could see for miles.

Today, Grandpa and Grandma arrive so we will be having four generations running around this condo.

Monday, October 27, 2008

One Way Sidewalks?

Yesterday was another beautiful day in Florida. In the morning we took Micah swimming again. He loved swimming around the pool in his boat. He also loved hanging onto the side of the pool and kicking his feet. When Micah went down for his nap, TJ's mom, TJ and I went for a bike ride. TJ's dad wanted to watch the race, so he volunteered to listen for Micah. On this bike ride we saw things that we normally would not see at home. The first thing was one way sidewalks. They would split the sidewalks in two (to go around a bunch of trees for example) and put one way signs up. I think I have seen a sidewalk narrows sign at home too, but they have them down here. The narrow sidewalks are the same width if not a little wider than the ones we have at home. You can almost go 4 wide on the "normal" sized sidewalks.

During the bike ride we would see wild life. We rode by a pond (one of the many) and we saw a turtle sunbathing. I wanted to get a good picture of it, so I started to walk towards it, snapping a picture every few feet not knowing when it would dive into the pond. I got within 2 feet of the turtle before I decided I was close enough. The only thing the turtle did was cower his head into his shell a little.

The next cool thing that we saw was an alligator. Last time I was here, I wanted to see an alligator and I never saw one, so I was on more of a look out this year. I finally saw one. This one was sunbathing on somebodies lawn. This was a cool sight since the alligator was having a stair down with a turtle.

That evening we went to the beach to look for seashells and sand dollars. The beach's sand was so white and powdery that it felt that we were walking on powder sugar. Micah enjoyed walking in the waves. After he got tired walking, TJ picked him up and they chased after birds.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

80 and Sunny

Yesterday the weather was 80 and sunny (at least where we were). We left to go to Florida with TJ's parents for probably the last vacation for the year. We had to get up at 3:30 am to catch our flight. Micah did really well on the plane. He enjoyed looking out the window and watching things go flying by during take off and landing. The second flight he slept, but what do you expect from an 18 month old that got up 4 hours before he normally does.

When we got to the condo we put Micah's swimsuit on and went into the pool. He loves the water and he was swimming around between his Daddy and Grandpa in his little boat. It was really cute because if TJ or his dad went under water, Micah would put up his hands like "where did they go?"

In the evening, we took Micah to a near by bridge to look for turtles. They were good size turtles that I think got fed all the time. They picked up their head and swarmed to us while we were standing on the bridge.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Like Father Like Son

TJ got Micah ready for church this morning and decided that they needed to match. It was so cute I had to take a picture to show everybody.

This week Micah turned 18 months and he had his check-up. He grew quite a bit in height this time. He is now 33 inches tall. This puts him in the 75th percentile for his age!!! However, he did not gain much weight. He only weighs 23 lbs which puts him still in the 15th percentile for his weight. We are just going to have a tall skinny boy, just like his father.

Some adoption news, some families received referrals this week!!! This is really exciting time for them. Please pray that court passes the first time for these families and the children can come and be with their forever family soon.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It has arrived!!!

We received word from our contact in Ethiopia that our dossier has officially arrived. We also found out where we are on the waiting list. This is a complicated list since people request varies ages and genders. We are still predicting that our wait time is about 12 months before we receive a referral. Continue to pray for our patients during this wait time and for the safety of all the children in Ethiopia.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Day at the Farm

This morning we were able to spend some time with couples in both of the bible studies. For those who do not know, a little over a year ago our bible study decided to split into 2 smaller groups. So now we try to get together a couple times a year as a larger group. This fall's outing was to Post Family Farm. The kids had a great time on the hay ride, corn maze and the pumpkin train.

We are still waiting to hear that our dossier made it to Ethiopia. I'm not sure how long that takes, but I'm thinking we should hear soon. We also were able to meet a bunch of people who are within varies places in their adoption journey at Gojo's on Thursday. I only had one more blog to add to our list, but as I get more addresses from the people that we met, I will add them.

The food wasn't that bad. It is very filling since you eat with this soar dough bread like stuff called Injura instead of silverware. TJ did not like the Injura and thought it would be better without that, but I enjoyed it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And Its Off...

We received an e-mail yesterday from our adoption agency that they have received our dossier back from the Assistant Stork. This is exciting news because it was the final thing that had to happen before it can get sent over to Ethiopia.

Our adoption agency was able to send the dossier on its way to Ethiopia today. I am not sure how long it takes to get there, but as soon as it does, we will be an official "waiting family." This means that we patiently wait with the other waiting families for a referral. We anticipate this to take 12 months before we receive the referral. During this time we will be learning more about the Ethiopian foods and cultures to incorporate into our lives. We are going to Gojo's tomorrow with a bunch of other families who have or are in process of adopting from Ethiopia. Gojo's is an Ethiopian restaurant in Grand Rapids. I'm excited to taste what our son or daughter eats on a daily basis.

I will let everybody know when we receive confirmation from our contact in Ethiopia on when our dossier arrives.