Saturday, July 26, 2008

God's Creation

Today was another day we were able to enjoy God's creation. We started the day by waking up listening to the birds sing on a beautiful Saturday morning. We dropped off Micah at his Grandpa and Grandma's house to go out for breakfast while TJ and I went to get our fingerprints taken. Our unique fingerprints that God gave us is one of the things the United States Government wants in order to approve our adoption request. While we were at our appointment, we met 3 other families that were also adopting from Ethiopia. One family already adopted two children from Ethiopia and are now in the process of adopting another one. It was nice to talk to them about their first experience and how the process is going for the other families we met.

After we completed the appointment we picked up Micah and went blueberry picking. Micah was very helpful in picking the berries. He was so proud that he was helping us, however, he did not quite understand that the blueberries were supposed to go into the bucket instead of his mouth (or stay in the bucket once they were there). We had some good laughs together as a family and are enjoying the delicious blueberries that God gave us.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bumps and Bruises

Being a stay at home mom has been a bonding experience for Micah and I. We have been enjoying our time together. One of our favorite things to do is to ride our bikes to the park. Tuesday was one of those days that we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather that was provided to us. Micah was having fun climbing the steps and going down the slide and meeting me at the bottom. He giggles so much when he comes around that last curve of the slide and sees me there. Unfortunately, Tuesday's park experience was not as joyous for us. Micah misjudged the edge of the slide platform and fell backwards down the steps. He has a nice bruise on his cheek from the fall, but within 5 mins, he was taking my flip-flops off my feet and throwing them around the park. What a scary moment for me watching my son fall down the steps and not getting to him fast enough, but at the same time, thankful that the Lord looked out for him and he is alright.

He also had his 15 month check-up yesterday. He has grown this month and weighs a healthy 21 lbs 12 oz. He is now in the 15th percentile for his weight... up from being in the 5th at his year checkup. He also grew and is now 31 inches tall. That puts him in the 45th percentile for height, which is up from the 25th at his year checkup. It is nice to know that he had a good growth this time compared to his slow growth during this first year, we pray that this growth continues and that he does not fall back to the lower categories for his age group.

In addition to Micah's check-up we received a letter from Homeland Security. They have received our application to adopt the child from Ethiopia. We should be receiving our fingerprinting appointment in the next couple of days. Processing time is taking 3 months, so we hope to get that approval from them sometime in October. During this processing time, we need to compile a bunch of paperwork from various places to send over to Ethiopia and finish doing some education on what could happen after the child comes into our home. Please pray for patients as we collect these documents as some places take a while to give them to us and others we receive contain errors, so we need to get them redone.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lots of love and prayer

This is one of the hardest things that I have to write. I am asking for some prayers for my cousins and my cousins friends family. When I arrived home after a long holiday weekend up at Shanty Creek, my cousin had on her Facebook page that she was praying. My intuition immediately thought that something was wrong, so I sent her an e-mail. Come to find out a friend of hers and her husbands was in a serious car accident on the 4th of July and surgery revealed that he was brain dead. Last night the family decided to take away his life support. Please pray for the family as they mourn the loss of this young man.

My cousin and her husband would appreciate your prayers too as this is hitting them hard. Today marks the third anniversary of the death of two of their other friends.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In His Time

Sitting in the park on Sunday watching my son play reminded me how quickly he is growing up. It just feels like yesterday that I was holding him in my arms for the first time. Now, he is climbing the stairs and going down slides all by himself. It is amazing how much kids learn in the first years of their lives.

Watching my son play on the playground equipment made my mind wonder to the child the Lord has picked out for us in Ethiopia. What is he/she doing right now? Does the orphanage have playground equipment for the kids to play on? Will the first time we take him/her to the park be the first time he/she has seen a slide or swings? What does his/her laugh sound like? It is easy to take for granted the simple things we have.

Today, I was out for lunch with a friend of mine. We were talking about the adoption and how my husband and I received word yesterday that we should have our finalized homestudy this week. This news was great as we have had some minor snags that brought our homestudy to a stand still for a little while. I was thinking while talking to her "finally something is going in the time frame that my husband and I want." I arrived home from lunch and after putting Micah down for his afternoon nap I decided to check my e-mail. A message popped up from our social worker stating the holiday week may delay the homestudy's final processing. This was a little discouraging since my husband and I want to get the next step sent out before the holiday weekend. The Lord has decided to show me yet again that He is in control and things go on His timing and not mine.